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Get involved - what's on offer for your school

FREE advisory consultation sessions - for all schools

Our Singing Champion Lisa Mayo has been travelling around the county visiting schools to provide free advisory consultations about how to bring singing to life in your school - or when you have, how to make it even better! If you'd like a visit, then contact Lisa on 01452 330300 or by email makemusicglos@gmail.com

Can't sing, won't sing? Engage those singers in your secondary school

Would you like help in attracting some of those pupils who love singing but fail to engage with the vocal group/choirs you have on offer?  You know the ones...you have persuaded, cajoled, bribed them but they still are resisting - you know they have a voice and would enjoy it if only they gave it a chance!

We have match funding for up to four secondary schools to work with Ben O’Sullivan of the Songwriting Charity in the next academic year 2018/19.  Ben will work with a group of your pupils who may enjoy a slightly different approach to singing. Once a week they'll learn how to create harmonies, learn about blending, have input into the creative process and work towards a recording opportunity - a CD or a music video. Here's what Balcarras school thought of the project they took part in recently (click on the video below to see the singers in action):

"The project reached out to some of our least confident pupils and inspired them.  They loved the experience and the confidence increased dramatically.  I would definitely recommend it to any school that has a chance to be involved." 
Chris Healy, Head of Balcarras School.


"Without doubt a valuable experience for all students involved and I would highly recommend schools take up their place on this programme at the earliest opportunity. The project was inclusive and extended musical skills for all.  The weekly rehearsals were looked forward to by all.  The children were challenged and clearly had fun and as a Head of Music it challenged the way I deliver singing both in curriculum and extra curricular activities."
Beth Heyes, Head of Music

Interested? Contact Lisa Mayo on 01452 330300 or email makemusicglos@gmail.com

Fancy topping up your skills or refreshing your ideas for inspiring singers?

Confidence and expertise in leading vocal groups or singing in the classroom is one of the most significant musical needs of teachers, and yet access to top quality training in vocal leadership has been limited until recently.  We have many support sessions we can provide for teachers through some of our supporting contacts such as 'Sing for Pleasure' and 'Out of the Ark'.

Who is this aimed at:

  • Beginner vocal leaders, such as those having recently formed or taken over a choir, or wanting to do so
  • Vocal leaders with a small amount of experience
  • More experienced vocal leaders wanting to refresh their technique
  • Classroom teachers who just want to build on their confidence to use singing in their lessons more regularly
  • Your whole school!

What you'll gain: 

You'll learn skills to lead singing with children confidently and efficiently and find new ideas to help refresh your existing practise.  You'll also get to meet other peers which can open up a new network of friendship and support to continue to share ideas and resources with in the future.

Types of courses available:

Half day workshops (Out of the Ark):

WORKSHOP 1:   Where Can A Song Take You? A Creative Journey

WORKSHOP 2:   A Singing School Is A Successful School (see more details below)

WORKSHOP 3:   Winning Warm-Ups  NEW

WORKSHOP 4:   Fabulous Phonics   NEW

Intensive CPD courses (Sing for Pleasure):

Vocal Leadership Programme - 5 day programme (spread over several months)

An example of content of one of the half day workshops:

  • Workshop 2: A Singing School Is A Successful School  (1 ½ hours or a 3 hour more detailed CPD session)

Grounded in solid research, ‘A Singing School Is A Successful School’ is a workshop aimed at every teacher in every school. You will learn how active engagement with singing can have an enormous impact on pupils’ intellectual, social and personal development. You will receive clear guidance on:

    • how whole-school singing, especially in assemblies, can promote team spirit and create a collaborative learning environment
    • how you can use music to support curriculum areas from phonics and literacy to numeracy
    • how to influence mood and attention in the classroom through the use of music
    • how to use our Words on Screen™  software, guaranteeing that any teacher, no matter their own musical ability, will feel confident teaching songs and delivering great-quality music resources across the school curriculum.

If you're interested in finding out more or registering your interest for one of these courses then please contact Lisa Mayo on 01452 330300 or email makemusicglos@gmail.com.  Courses are organised on a needs basis so it is important to let us know if you would value the opportunity to attend one of these sessions.

Identify yourself!

Contact us to let us know who you have worked with who has been really inspirational in singing with children or supporting your staff.  Let us know if you are a champion of singing in your own right.  We want to ensure we know who the people are in our County who are passionate about singing so that we can possibly include them in our future plans and ensure that we support them in their efforts. Drop me a quick line (makemusicglos@gmail.com) to tell me about yourself – don’t be shy!

Looking for specific help or programmes?

Contact our main singing partners if you're looking for a practitioner to directly deliver singing work in your school or to provide bespoke training:


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