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Centre & Office Closure

Please note that Colwell Arts Centre is currently closed. We will of course let you know when we are able to re-open. Any queries please email: glosmusic@gloucestershire.gov.uk and we will endeavour to deal with your enquiry as quickly as is possible during this challenging time.

COVID-19 Instrument Hire Help

We understand at these difficult times that some families will be finding payment of these invoices challenging, especially where you might have significantly reduced incomes. We do not want to let money be a barrier to your child continuing to learn on the instrument they have chosen and we have made funding available to support this. Please click here to complete the COVID-19 Instrument Hire Help form and email to mark.medland@gloucestershire.gov.uk

The benefits of singing

Singing is the most accessible means for a young person to access all the effects that music has been proven to have.

Watch the video below to see what one school head thought of the difference that a singing programme made  in his school.  

Video by Mark Harmer, www.musicgarden.co.uk

The benefits of singing include:

  • improving confidence 
  • raising aspirations
  • developing listening and team working skills 
  • building a sense of community and belonging
  • reducing stress and enhancing well-being  
  • developing communications skills and enhancing learning
  • read in more depth about the benefits of singing in the classroom from Musical Futures

Singing can have a marked impact on school culture, injecting a new energy, improving pupils’ attitude towards school and helping to develop a sense of community within and between schools.

It can also raise the school’s profile in the local community, creating positive PR and ultimately marketing the school to future students and their parents.

The Benefits of Singing for Adolescents

Professor Graham Welch of the Institute of Education, University of London, analysed a variety of research reports and wrote a paper called The Benefits of Singing for Adolescents, which summarises the benefits as:

  • Social - an enhanced sense of social inclusion, belonging, relationships, group identity
  • Psychological - self-esteem, confidence, identity and communication; expression/release of feelings; inter-personal communication
  • Physical - respiratory, cardiac function; development of control in the vocal system, which aids vocal communication; neurological functioning

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